Our Services

Have you been dreaming of a distinctive hardwood floor for your home or business? 

Are you looking for someone who can create a floor that is beautiful, unique, and durable?

We are the company you are looking for.  Anything that you want to do with your hardwood floor, any design you are looking for, we can do it.  Whatever dream you have for your floor, we can bring it into reality.  With four generations of hardwood floor experience, there isn’t a project out there that we haven’t done.

Boberg Hardwood Floors

We Can Provide Services In

  • Custom Floor Designs
  • Custom Hardwood
  • Floor Care
  • Custom Hardwood Flooring
  • Custom Stains
  • Decorative Wood Flooring
  • Finishing Custom Wood Floors
  • Hard Wood Flooring
  • Recoat Existing Floors
  • Sand New and Existing Floors
  • Custom Plank
  • Wood Flooring
  • Cork Floors and Custom
  • Cork Floors
  • Exotic Wood Flooring
  • Painted Wood Floors
  • Plank Wood Flooring
  • Ballroom and Dance Floors
  • Prefinished and Unfinished Floors
  • Reclaimed Wood Floors
  • Recycled Wood Flooring
  • Stained Wood Floors
  • Borders
  • Entryways
  • Gym Floors
  • Risers
  • Steps
  • Treads
  • Hardwood Inlays
  • Wood Floor
  • Accents
  • Wood Floor
  • Medallions

If you have any questions about our services just give us a call (916) 652-5662